Abbas Kiarostami at the New York Film Festival

yeah, so that moment when modern cinema’s most provocatively self-reflexive auteur stared down the lens of *my* camera… that was a trip. 

Kiarostami dropped by NYFF this morning for a Q&A after the press screening of his new film Like Someone in Love, and i took a whole bunch of pictures of him sitting in a chair, talking into a microphone (or, more often than not, talking *not* into a microphone… but you can’t blame the guy for assuming that his voice carries). he spoke in Farsi (the woman to his right is a translator), but it was nevertheless easy to see that he is / appears to be a jovial, witty, and not especially self-serious guy. 

newsy bits: it’s no secret that he plans on returning to italy for his next film, and he repeated as much this morning. on the other hand, i was delighted to learn that he has *several* scripts ready to go should Iran’s political climate allow him to resume working there, and he’s also very interested in making another film in Japan (this is good news, i promise).

p.s. yes, i’m displeased that my lens wasn’t long enough to get lots of *Close-Ups,* but it seems like i got to make a stupid joke about it anyway, so it’s all good. 

p.p.s. no one has ever seen Abbas Kiarostami without his sunglasses and lived to blog about it.

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